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NCC Saturday, October 10th Schedule

Early bird sessions starting 8:30am:

* Stage Managers and the Collaborative Relationship with the Production Team (Intl)

* Programming and Working with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Keynote address at 10:00am

Session lineup starting at 11:15am:

Intimacy Choreography: Best Practices for the Entire Production Team: Led by Alicia Rodis and IDC (

Behind the Scenes Management of Live Sporting Events in the US: Featuring live events managers from the Cleveland Indians, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the San Francisco 49ers, the Cleveland Cavaliers and more

The "Behind the Scenes Magic" of Weddings in India: Hosted by Amrita Puri and Keyur Shah

Designing in Translation: Taking Your Work Across the World: Hosted by Ameera Ansari and Kathe DeVault

Lighting Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Stage Managers

The History, The Art, The Act of Calling Cues

Navigating Family and Caretaking in Production Careers: Moderated by Rachel Spencer Hewett from Parent Artist Advocacy League (

COVID and The Ever-Changing & Evolving Role of A Stage Manager

SM Skills Popcorn Session: Taking your skills and landing a job outside the industry

Sound Designer: Engineer or Artist? Hosted by Lindsay Jones with Carlton Guc (Cleveland), Cedric Collier (Cincinnati), Megan Culley (NYC, Cle), Keya Myers-Alkire (Ohio State), Rick Thomas

Introduction to a New Virtual Callboard App

Saturday Night Special Surprise Session

Want in? Here's how:


$50 general admission for all three days credentials

$25 for OVS members with code

$250 University ticket bundle (10 student and one professor ticket)

$200 High School Saturday only Ticket Bundle (10 student ticket and one Teacher ticket – which can be extended to the entire conference).

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