Recognition of Exceptional Work



and why is the exhibit named in her honor?

Peggy S. Ezekiel was one of the four original founders of USITT/Ohio (originally the Cleveland Section and now the USITT/Ohio Valley Section). Peggy, an active member a the national level, believed that there was a need for a more localized chapter of USITT that would serve the needs of the many theater people in Ohio. With that goal in mind she was instrumental in obtaining from USITT National the charter forming the Ohio Section. At first, the section was local, but has grown to encompass the entire state of Ohio and has continued to flourish. It now includes the Ohio Valley and western Pennsylvania and boasts membership throughout the rest of the nation. USITT/Ohio Valley sponsors regional conferences, workshops on national artists and productions, and supports active student chapters of USITT. Peggy Ezekiel only saw the beginnings of USITT/Ohio before she died tragically during the second year of USITT/Ohio’s existence. It was not long after Peggy’s death that the Peggy Ezekiel Award was established in her honor in 1985.


The 2021 Peggy Ezekiel Awards & Design Expo was held at the OVS Fall Conference on October 9. 

Thank you to all this year's entrants. The Board Choice Awards will be announced shortly.  

Before you complete the submission forms and prepare your panels, please note the following:

  1. Entry fee is included with your conference registration.  To be eligible to exhibit you must be registered for the conference.

  2. The Board's Choice.  During the fall conference, the Board members in attendance will select their top ten entries.  Unlike the Award of Outstanding Achievement and Award of Distinction, this is a competition.  Only the top ten submissions will be sent, at OVS expense, to the National Conference and Stage Expo.  To be eligible to be exhibited at National conference, the exhibitor must be a member of USITT National.  In addition; the top three student submissions will be awarded a complimentary pass to the conference by USITT National. All other entrants can submit their panels to the USITT Conference at their own expense.

  3. Because of the Pandemic, the Ezekiel Award submissions are open to any production produced or conceived between August 2020 and August 2021. You may enter an unproduced work since many of us had shows that did not open. If you enter an unopened show this year, you may not enter it next year if it is produced.


Each person will be allowed to submit:

  • Up to 3 18"x24" images. 

  • Recommended file format is PDF/Jpeg. 

  • Must include entrant's name, category (see nomination form) and name of production represented. 

  • Images must be in the preferred order for display.

  • File size should be less than 100MB.

  • One panel must include a typed concept statement or description (not to exceed one page) which helps put the work in context for the viewer/adjudicators. It should clearly state the entrants objectives, describe challenges and solutions and include information on the collaborative effort of the production team (for realized productions).

  • There is a limit of a maximum of two entries per year.


  • If you grant the USITT Ohio Valley Section to exhibit this work it may include digital storage of display images, displaying at the National conference and usage for promotion of the section in print, online, and other digital formats. By stating "yes" you agree that you have gained any needed permissions for the use of all work presented in your submission.

  • If you give permission to the USITT Ohio Valley Section to exhibit this work, it may be displayed the OVS website. By stating "yes" you agree that you have gained any needed permissions for the use of all work presented in your submission.


  • renderings and sketches

  • fabric swatches

  • production photos

  • Concept statement and description of process (maximum one-page)


  • educed plot and section

  • lighting sketches

  • color swatches

  • production photos

  • Concept statement and description of process (maximum one-page)


  • renderings or photo of model

  • reduced ground plan(s)

  • production photos

  • Concept statement and description of process (maximum one-page)


  • audio line diagram (a single line, schematic or block diagram graphically outlining how the system is interconnected). All icons should be labeled as to their specific function, make and model number. (Currently there is no USITT graphic standard for sound)

  • reduced speaker ground plan and section indicating position of all equipment on stage, in pit and in the house including rough focus position of each unit

  • sound cue list (sound plot)

  • production photos

  • photos including specials, practicals and unique installations

  • Concept statement and description of process (maximum one-page)


  • copies of original design sketches or renderings

  • working drawings or sketches

  • process photos

  • production photos

  • Concept statement and description of process (maximum one-page)


  • Sample paperwork such as calling scripts, blocking sheets, run sheets, etc.

  • Production photos

  • Description of the process for the show and any challenges faced (maximum one-page)



  • scaled floor plans/ Site Plan

  • section through the theatre

  • renderings and/or photo of the model

  • description of Technical Theatre Systems, support spaces and project program

  • project budget

  • process of project photographs

  • Concept statement and description of process (maximum one-page)

In addition to the standard format for all submissions, Ezekiel entrants may include other support material with their submission as long as they do not exceed 5 individual files per submission. These materials will be used during the adjudication process, but will not be included in the exhibit. This material can include:

  • support paperwork (i.e. schedules, cue sheets, budgets, etc.) , full blue/black line prints and additional research in PowerPoint/PDF format.

  • Clickable links for sound entries containing examples of designed cues, music choices and /or original compositions. It is recommended that this recording be "self-narrative" with the designer's voice describing the content and design choice for each cue. The recording should be a maximum of five minutes.


An interdisciplinary committee of qualified professionals will be assembled to adjudicate the Ezekiels. Award winners will be announced during the Fall Conference.

Board choice winners will be contacted about showing work at the national conference.



ADA, OH 45810