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NCC Kickoff on Friday, October 9

Join us for this year's Friday night programming starting at 5 pm (cause you know you've watched all of Netflix by now):

Sharing Session for the 10/9 Working Group

Introductory Panel/Prompt Sparking Creation in a Pandemic World

How to Be an Ally- Moderator: Rafael Jaen, with Kat Meister and Nathaniel Ryan Jr.

Sharing Session: Anti-Racism Resources

Traditional First People’s Ceremonies in the US and Abroad- hosted by Joel Veenstra

The Partnership between Stage Manager and Director- Moderator: Lindsay Jones with Amanda Spooner and Rebecca Taichman


$50 general admission for all three days credentials

$25 for OVS members with code

$250 University ticket bundle (10 student and one professor ticket)

$200 High School Saturday only Ticket Bundle (10 student ticket and one Teacher ticket – which can be extended to the entire conference).

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