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2018 Fall Conference Session Descriptions

Shadow Puppets

Sabrina Hykes-Davis, California University of Pennsylvania

This workshop outlines the process for creating a shadow puppet show from the script through the final performance. It will also discuss various applications of shadow puppets in productions and educational settings.


MK Hughes

Painting: Layering - The Path to Realism

MK Hughes, Point Park University

This painting demonstration will help those who specialize in faux finishes for props and scenery. Using texture, layers, washes, and glazes any artist can create more realistic depth for any of their projects quickly. This section will focus on faux painted wood, stone, and marble.

MK Hughes holds an MFA in Scenic Design for the Theater from Southern Illinois University. She has done scenic art for the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, the Black Hills Playhouse, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and also done set and props design at the McLeod Summer Playhouse, Point Park University, & City Theater. Additionally she has worked as an instructor/designer at the University of Dubuque and Kansas State University. Since coming to Pittsburgh, MK has worked with several companies as a set/props designer, and works full time as the staff scenic at Point Park University.


Matt Courtney

Herman Sayre

Understanding Theatre Structure and Rigging

Herman Sayre, Vincent Lighting Systems & Matt Courtney, ETC

This session will present the simple functions of theatrical rigging, demonstrate how to assess and compare the hazards of the 2 primary styles of theatrical rigging, describe the effects of rigging on the structure of the building, touching on vertical and lateral loads and emphasize the need for simple, safe and smart stage rigging systems.

ETCP-certified in Theatre Rigging, Herman Sayre has extensive experience in rigging applications and installations. As General Manager for Vincent Lighting, he coordinates a team of rigging professionals and conducts safety inspections. With decades in the rigging industry, Matt Courtney manages ETC’s automated rigging efforts in the Northeast, developing new Dealers, providing information to Theatre Consultants and helping Architects and Engineers understand this developing technology.  He also works with end-users, helping them understand how to safely operate backstage systems.


ETC Nomad Essentials

Jonathan Robert Bucci, Integrated Theatre Systems/ETC

This training session will relate to using the ETC Nomad software on a PC or Mac. This will give students skills to practice all Eos software (Element, Ion, Ion XE, Gio, and Eos TI) on their personal computers. All students and faculty have access to discounted Nomad kits in addition to the free version of the software.


Free Form Leather Mask Making Basics

Melanie Mortimore, Miami University of Ohio

A partial hands on workshop into the process of leather mask making.  Participants will work with foam to create a structural pattern as they would with leather.  A demo of the leather mask process will be shown.


Hair Basics

Joni Farquhar, California University of Pennsylvania

This session would focus on the basic hair/wig designs and techniques for the theatre. Demonstrations of teasing hair, braiding, proper wig care and how to apply a wig.


3D Printing

Karen Glass

Introduction to 3D Printing

Karen Glass, Seton Hill University

The price of printers is coming down fast, so I thought it might be time to revisit the world of 3D printing for those of us who found the first consumer level printers out of reach. Many printers are now under $400, and there are many services or public access locations available


Estonian Theatre Practices

Kathleen DeVault, Ohio Northern University

The Baltic Connection: Estonian Theatre Practices On Estonia's 100th anniversary, learn about the differences in production between the United States and Estonia via Ohio Northern University's unique relationship with the Rakvere Theatre. Since 2011, ONU has partnered with this Estonian theatre, sharing personnel, technical support, and tour support. This session describes the relationship and offers advice for institutions looking to develop international partners.


Yamaha Console System

Greg Davis, California University of Pennsylvania


Deborra Bergmark Peelor

Upcycling Old Lighting Units to LED

Deborra Bergmark Peelor, California University of Pennsylvania

We take old wash units (strip lights and far cycs) and upgrade them with dimmable white LED Par 38 flood lights.  These are not intelligent fixtures but they are better, brighter and more efficient conventional fixtures; better conventional versions of their former selves. :)

We will have units in various stages of upgrade to play with. What other types of units can we improve?


ETC Ion & Element Essentials

Jonathan Robert Bucci, Integrated Theatre Systems/ETC

This session will use ETC consoles to teach the basic use of the Eos platform. We will explore controlling channels, recording (cues, subs, and groups), and playback of stored looks. If time permits, we will look at magic sheets and/or direct selects for intermediate programming.

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