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Board Meeting Minutes: 5/18/20

USITT Ohio – Valley Section

Board Meeting Minutes

5 / 18 / 20, 2:00pm

Via Zoom


Kathleen DeVault, Steve Pauna, Karen Glass, Paul Sanow, Miriam Patterson,

David Glowacki, Caleb Stroman, John Seaman, Sarah Russell, Marly Wooster

(Guests): Richard Witt & David Castellano. They will be on site coordinators for the

national conference in Columbus, Ohio.


  • Little action has occurred since last report.

  • $23, 970. 84 resources

  • $1003.00 deficit for the year

  • JUNE 30: year ends. Submit any reimbursement requests. (Year is July 1 – June 30).

ELECTIONS: These positions are up for election. Board voted to have an extended election.

  • Vice Chair of Operations

  • Treasurer

  • Ken Clothier and Paul Sanow positions

NATIONAL CONFERENCE – Columbus, Ohio – Submit Programming Proposals

  • Film Commission Hannah Beekler, Lawrence & Lee Archives, KSU Fashion Museum

  • Dennison University: New facility, possibility of tours, talk with architects

  • Karen will put out a brief note and also solicit volunteers

  • Kathe will e-mail Richard and David about Dennison possibilities

  • Scenic Solutions Co.: Wants to do a hands - on activity

  • Shadow Box: Possible resources

  • Gaitano Award: Compile a list

Stephen Anderson, retiring from CATCO

Can also be a company

Keep the vote for the board


64 Individual

3 Lifetime

7 Organizational

46 Students

11 Sustaining

*The board voted to extend memberships for a year, due to the current societal situations. If membership is running out for fall, they can remain. If we do not know them (name), they will need to pay the non member rate at the fall conference.


  • Nothing new to report at this time.

  • Future Activities and Events: The board discussed the idea to have board members take on various duties to facilitate (committees).


  • Suggested by John Seaman

  • Kim Kragie has many documents from Paul Vincent’s career.

  • With these, and other documents provided by board members, create an archive of the section.

  • We can send materials to the national office.

  • Kathe will take the materials and archive them.


  • One awarded and did get money from John Seaman. Since we did not have the national conference this year, it can stay in place as long as there is an obligation to attend the conference in Columbus.

  • We can give 3 awards.

FALL CONFERENCE – Playhouse Square, Cleveland

  • October 10

  • Still figuring out.

  • We will have a separate meeting with Elynmarie Kazel before membership meeting.

  • May have to have some more meetings this summer as we get Governor’s statements.

  • BY LAWS: We need a membership meeting since it did not happen at national.


  • They are at Cal. U. Pennsylvania

  • Sabrina was going to take them to national.

  • We have two big cases.

  • There is no requirement that the work has to be realized.

  • You cannot submit a work twice. If it is realized you can’t submit it again.

  • If it is digital, do a Power Point presentation of the work.


  • Drake is being torn down

  • They will be without a “home” for a while


Compiled by Kathleen DeVault

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