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August 22, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

USITT Ohio Valley Section

Meeting Minutes

August 22, 2021


The regular meeting of USITT Ohio Valley Section Board was called to order at 1:00 PM August 22, 2021 via Zoom.


Kathe DeVault, Chair

John Seaman, Treasurer

Alex Barnhart, Secretary

Sarah Russell, VC of Programming

Ronnie Chamberlain, VC of Operations

Elynmarie Kazle, VC of Special Projects

Jo Sanburg

Miriam Patterson

Caleb Stroman

Marly Wooster

Dave Glowacki, Safety Training Chair


Kathe will add access to calendar/drive so members can add to Board documents file

Treasurer’s Report

Not much activity since July 1st. Current balance 23,700/ 2020-2021 Break even year.

Operations Report

Volunteers for every position. One at large position left vacant- 2 year appointment.

Programming Report

Ohio Northern University hosting conference Octover 9th. Split between Theater/classrooms at the Freed Center and Taft costume and production shops.

Dependent on Covid 19 situation. No vaccine mandate, masks required indoors.

Beauty and the Beast will be oon stage but not running. Session on projections?

Parking-free. Cost-food. Continental breakfast, boxed lunches.

Hotel-block of rooms?

Possibility to zoom sessions, ask session leaders if they have capability to run session digitally if necessary. Important for digital sessions to be accessible-closed captioning.

Keeping Peggy Ezekiel Awards online- viewable from OVS website as well as monitors at conference.

Board choice winners physical presentation of award or digital?

2019,2020,2021,2022 Winners shown at national conference.

Communications Report

Sabrina, Adam, Caila meeting Tuesday August 24. Ronnie will compile statement for at-large position for next newsletter.

Conference Costs

Use same price model from Northern Kentucky Conference.

Sarah is working on list of High schools, will share with Sabrina for Conference deals.

10/$100 highschool fee- save the date w/deal timeframe

Meme for High School students? Info for HS admin

Kathe will reach out to USITT for information

Kathe meeting w/ Sabrina 8/23 to plan info release

Ronnie will reach out to Kentucky

Reach out to playhouse square for Dazzle Group

Membership Meeting

September 2nd, 5:00 pm.

Kathe will let Sabrina know to communicate date

Get list from Nationals of members in region

Kathe working on Meeting agenda

Special Projects

Travel Awards

Ken Clothier willing to help.

3 awards, $750/each. Interview Students at Section conference?

Announce at September Meeting

Deadline/QR code for travel award application at conference.

Information session at conference?

Ezekiel Awards

Online worked well, planning to continue

Kathe has google form. Will revise and share.

Marly working on rubric for Ezekiel. May reach out for contributions in individual areas.

Kathe will forward rubric suggestions to Marly

Plan is to use rubric this year

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Miriam looked into session series, Art Equity-expensive.

Anti-racism daily practice-250/person. Two- 4 hour days.

Strategies for Change- becoming anti-racist organization-$75/person

Reaching out to try to get an organization rate

OVS should pay for members to take training

Does Nationals have DEI resources to reach out to?

Kathe will bring this to the other section board chairs to ask if they are interested in a group training.

What is the budget for this? 5000?


Elynmarie will help compile committee lists

Create a drop down menu on website to join committees


Special projects- submit ideas for special projects?

Compile list of Ezekiels through years

List of board members through years

Board should get more organized at passing info too successors

Covid Protocol

Should OVS board establish Covid protocol for fall conference or use Northern Ohio’s Protocol?

-Masks required regardless of university policy

-Eating locations?-tent, picnic tables, etc.

-Refund policy if groups lose ability to come to conference or pivot to online?

-Most of conference being online, some on site?


Event Safety Alliance Training-Recommended

Training Ideas

-Covid Compliance

-Live Entertainment Awareness- Presenting vs. Producing

-Richard Cadena- NEC, NFPA Info- Access to pre-recorded sessions?

-ETCP Training? In person/Virtual

Make a poll in membership meeting Zoom-Training

-Interest in Masterclasses

Dave happy to help/pull list.

Ronnie will start creating a poll

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