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Board Meeting Minutes: 1/20/2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Call to order 10:32

January 20, 2020 Meeting of the OVS Board

Reminders for upcoming year from agenda:


June - planning for fall conference

August - Planning for fall conference

Sept or Oct - approximately 3 weeks before conference to touch base about it.

Sept or Oct - at fall conference

Jan - Martin Luther King weekend the past 2 years - Planning Spring PDW/Event

Operations: up for election: Paul and Ken

Treasurer and Vice Chair of Operations – Let Ronnie know if you want to run again

Add job descriptions to website/they are in by-laws; Karen is checking to see if they’re there. Karen checked during the meeting and they are there under leadership.

We think Chair has ability in bylaws to appoint someone to David’s position; checking on this as well

Calendar From meeting Agenda

  • Next year schedule: Up for reelection in May 2020

  • Get nominations at National final list by March 26

  • Bios due to VC operations by April 15

  • The elections May 1 - May 21

  • Results announced June 1

  • Change David Glowacki’s title to “Safety Training Chair”

VC Special Projects: programming report:

Elynmarie (EMK) – Our Fall Conference will be combined with the national Stage Managers’ Association (SMA) conference/at Playhouse Square/ with co-sponsors the Collaborator Party and Playhouse Square. It will be called the “The Collaborator’s Conference” w/stage managers, designers and technicians, etc. and occurs during the Year of the Stage Manager 2020 #ysm2020 and will take place in spaces at Playhouse Square, the Idea Center and potentially Cleveland State and Cleveland Play House..

What is the Collaborator Party? - this is something that was started when the Sound Designers had their Tony Award designation taken away. Parties were started for collaborators to celebrate the Tonys. Co-sponsored by USITT and others, these parties are usually held in NY, Chicago, LA and Houston with satellites all over.;

What is the Year of the Stage Manager 2020? It is a yearlong celebration of the art of stage management. With a website, facebook group and other initiatives, there are monthly themes to guide the conversation. The #ysm2020 theme in October is International which will give us an international component to the Fall Conference.

PLAYHOUSE SQUARE/The IDEA CENTER Spaces that are reserved for us:

  • Lots of space/classroom spaces

  • two wired 50 seat classrooms

  • Westfield theatre

  • Upper Allen theatre 750 seat for talk backs/panel discussions

  • PBJ lounge 50-75 seat lunching space

  • Gallery space – full windows/dance space – Ezekial awards set up

  • Cameron Michalak – runs the scene shop at Cleveland State which is in the Middough Building parking lot and just a couple of doors down from the Idea Center to take advantage of scene shop – we are also trying to get access to costume shop at CPH? Going through Production Manager

  • Between SMA and OVS we’ll have 6-8 spaces open for various activities

  • International theme allows for international guests

The SMA has an International cohort – 12-16 members from across the world; need to be invited to come to the conference but not financial sponsorship

Suggested that registration be up by June

Anyone wanting to join the committee to help on this can, just shoot EMK an email at and she can add you to the basecamp project

Only have to pay for crew, and tables chairs etc...but nothing for space;

List of initial suggesting for sessions already suggested follows:

If people are interested in chairing a session from OVS to share a session/host it due March 31.

Potential sessions already proposed: from meeting agenda:

List of initial Sessions as at 1/15/20

Technical Theatre

  • Sound Design: engineer or artist Participants: Rick Thomas, Lindsay Jones and possibly Jim Swonger from CPH need a moderator

  • *Props: a two part session that includes a hands on workshop with a conversation about how props fits into the collaborative process (Prop Designer, Scenic Designer and Scenic Painter)

  • * **Collaboration: taking a show overseas with designers and production managers

  • *Digging into Collaborations: Costume Designer and Technical Director, the Production Manager and …?

  • **Costumes with an international flair, research, design and resources

Stage Management

  • Cruise Ships, taking away the mystery (Nora Scheinman)

  • Negotiation, how to have the difficult conversations and express what you need (potential session leader Amanda Spooner)

  • CPR and AED hands on session (prior registration needed)

  • Intimacy in the rehearsal room

  • *Digging into Collaborations, my show is going overseas, with whom do I work

  • **Stage Managing Internationally (featuring American stage managers who do…)

  • **Part two: Stage Managing internationally: a panel discusses the different responsibilities across the world featuring some of our foreign guests


  • Why Pursue a University or College Education in the Arts? (potential panelists, Amanda Spooner, Joe Tilford, ? Potentially need a moderator

  • Resiliency and Responsibility in students, a conversation with the door closed. potential session leader Joe Tilford, NCSA

*Collaboration is included

**International is included

Sessions that are not workshop related that will possibly be happening in conjunction with the conference::

  1. KeynotePanel featuring artists from the touring showOpening

  2. Session: All ConferenceClosing

  3. Sessions: Ohio Valley USITT,

  4. SMA National Membership MeetingCollaborator

  5. Conference Reception and Ezekiel Viewing (Friday or Saturday evening)?

  6. Saturday some participants will be attending a show at Playhouse Square (waiting to hear about tickets)

  7. USITT National Conference Info Session:

  8. Columbus 2021 OVS Board and member meeting?

  9. SMA Board and member meeting?

  10. What Hours will the Ezekiel Gallery be open?

Sarah – has worked at Cleveland State and Cleveland Play House *in the costume shop – and can reach out to them as well; Elynmarie going through production manager to do this, but in a month or so, it would be great to touch base with them if that proves not to be successful.

Wants to get Sessions set to populate space and not lose it.

EMK is working with Playhouse Square to secure a block of tickets for the Broadway Tour that will be in Cleveland (maybe Hamilton?) for Friday or Sat night; then the plan is to have a panel discussion on this Saturday or Sun – with conference attendees

Karen: Is one group the lead promoter and coordinator/ what is our relationship?

EMK – the SMA will likely take the lead on promotion and marketing and she is planning the sessions with the committee, but OVS approved a budget at the Fall Conference Board meeting of $5,000 to use toward the conference.

EMK has set up a Basecamp Project to help be on board with organizing this- email her to be a part; Karen wants information for website to make sure information goes where it needs to go;

EMK -Don’t know fee structure yet; need to cover costs

Both Boards have representation on the committee so that press, fees and so forth can be run by both.

EMK did a trial post on our Facebook group and got lots of questions, so we need good info available when we do a press release so that everyone will be able to answer any questions.

Working with Playhouse Square to secure their Discounted room rates and Crown Plaza which is across the street.

When does Ezekiels open in relation to following calendar– ? good to know ASAP

Calendar from EM that was listed on the meeting agenda:

The Collaborators Conference (OVSFall Conference - October 10 Playhouse Square WITH Stage Managers’ Association (SMA)

This is a draft calendar

January 2020

  • *The Save the Date Press release goes out

  • *Special note to Cleveland area Theatres, make plans, get involved links to sign up or for questions

February 2020

  • *Announce conference at SETC

  • *Gather details, begin to invite presenters

  • March/April

  • *Announce Conference at USITT 2020

  • *Continue to gather details, invite presenters

  • * Press Release #2 sponsors, first presenters, keynote international guests

May 2020

  • *Onsite meeting at Playhouse Square to discuss more firm plans for workshop.

  • *All Partners invited.

  • *Eventbrite created for the conference or should this be a different system (Robert? Pam?)

June 2020

  • *Report on Conference at SMA Annual Meeting, open registrations for all.

  • *Promote Symposium at all applicable conferences (Broadway Stage Management Symposium, Intl Thespians)

  • *Press Release #3 Registration open, highlights any special guests

July 2020

  • *Press release #1 of 3 about Ezekiels (what is this called officially?)

August 2020

  • *Finalize Schedule, Send out Notice out to both full memberships about registrations for Fall Symposium. Should this be in June or even May for OVS?

  • Send out press releases about specific programming??.

September 2020

  • *Press Release #4

  • *Plan and finalize catering/Travel plans if needed.

October 2020

  • *Execute Event to be held Oct 9. 10. 11 2020 at Playhouse Square, Cleveland


Playhouse Square, IDEA CENTER, Cleveland Main Location, Lead Sponsor

Have reached out to Cleveland Play House, Cleveland State University, Production Managers Forum

Need to reach out to Great Lakes Theatre

Jenna Fink SMA Northeast Ohio Vice Regional Rep to reach out to the greater Cleveland Community

Regional Reps need to reach out to their greater Communities

OVS Board reaches out to the greater OVS Community

OSHA Training – had 23 people/ good mix

David Glowacki – finalize a date for Spring and announce at Natl USITT

Karen – can someone take on coordinating the event - is there a board member that can do this?

Entails – get list of attendees; make sure registration happens; coordinate with host about expectations; once posted, Credit card information is being set up to keep up with payments; lots of emails went to junk boxes, so phone calls were made to potential participants because of this.

Once arrangements are made with host, David G usually becomes point person; interface between David and host and website and participants; use events section of WIX to add information there; Karen can set up event information; pre-existing document in the drive with information on those hoping to host an event;

Elynmarie was willing to take this on at this point.

Travel Award: one entrant – excellent submission; have we heard from recipient; no one has heard back from him or sponsor; no response on confirmation;

All of Ezekial winners are going to Natl and their stuff is in;

Who’s going to Houston? Conflicting with a lot of people’s schedules

Erin/Ken/EMK/Sarah/ Karen/John/Miriam/Dave/Paul/Kathie/Caleb

Board will meet at 7:30 before section meeting

John - Have we received anything from Natl about catering, etc? NO. He’ll contact who he normally contacts there

Natl: social? Lot of anniversary parties? How does this affect schedule? Kathie will check into special events and send out information to everyone and try to arrange an OVS social

Ezekiel Update

Karen – did you pick up the Ezekiels? Will let us know ASAP – Kathe sent them to Karen

Where Ezekiels are going to when:

Ohio Northern Sent out last week - should receive.

Seton Hill Jan to mid Feb

California U mid Feb to March

USITT – First week of April

Northern Kentucky U – April until someone else would like it - Show April 22-May 5

Morehead State University - Fall Semester (Still deciding dates)

Treasurers report;

Expenses $2018, income $2373 from member/Osha and Fall conference

Balance: 2019- 20 budget year starting July 1 $25, 329

Communications report: work on getting websites changed over

Would like to consider creating official Event committees with designated duties (currently my relationship with the web page has made me the default organizer for several events)

Shifting over our domain would make our page more easily searchable and connecting credit card sales would make-web page more effective.

Issue with emails reaching Point Park Students for OSHA 10 event

A few web page stats since Sept. 2019:

631 Unique visits

945 visits

1,674 page visits

Fun fact: 8 visits from Ireland.

Top three news items in last 3 months:

2019 Ezekiel Awards and Tour (133)

2019 Conference Wrap Up (35)

Board Meeting Minutes: 10/12/19 (9)

Most Opened Email Campaigns

Fall Conference Deadline 10/4 96 opened (42% open rate)

OVS Registration Open! 93 opened (40% open rate)

USITT Ohio Valley Newsletter Nov. 21 83 opened (34% open rate)

~Submitted by: Melanie Mortimore VC of Programing

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