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This is the first post on our blog feed!  There will be many more to come from our members and officers.  I hope you will be a regular visitor once we start adding exciting news from around our region.  While you are here there are many things to browse about and enjoy:

  • The forums - Our members can post questions or talk about things in their discipline or area of the region.

  • Job Listings - As jobs open up in the region, we should have postings for them in this area.

  • Ezekiel Awards & Design Expo - The Peggy Ezekiel Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in Design and Technology for any produced work by a USITT/Ohio Valley Section member or for any produced work by a non-member for a production within the USITT/Ohio Valley Section.  There are multiple awards in many different disciplines.

  • Events - Past and upcoming events are listed here.  You want to make sure you don't miss our upcoming regional conventions.

One last thing: I was wondering how you felt about the new logo for OVSUSITT:

One of the options for a OVSUSITT icon.

~Aaron Bollinger

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