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OVS 2021 Session Spotlight: Change for the Better

Change for the Better, How More Humane Expectations can make our Creative Process and our Lives Better

We have long thought that we needed to have the overly long hours in order to prepare our students for the real theatre and entertainment worlds. But now, in many entertainment arenas that seems to be changing. What ramifications does the No More 10 out of 12 movement and Five Day Work Week have on the Academy? Who is implementing a change of work hours for the better and how are they doing it? Is this helpful for our students or does extending the process make it harder? Can we do more with less time? Yes, Virginia, you can have a life and make art but the days of wearing ourselves out for minimal gain seem to be changing to a more humane way of working in the entertainment business. Join in for a conversation about what we are facing in our own Academy or educational institution.

Elynmarie Kazle is a stage and production manager serving as the Stage Management Mentor for Ohio Northern University. She has chaired the Stage Managers’ Association of the United States for the past seven years and will be leading the newly formed Stage Managers’ Association Foundation, Inc. and is a member of the Steering Committee of the No More 10 out of 12 initiative (

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