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NCC: Join Us Sunday, October 11th

Mimosas optional.

Program starting at 9 am:

Managing the DNC Convention Online (featuring the tech GENIUSES who ran it)

International Stage Management: Cross-Cultural Challenges and Adaptations

Sharing Sessions: Scenic Design, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Sound Design in a Pandemic World (Part two of the Panel set up for Friday night)

Defining the Parameters of a Stage Manager's Job: How much is too much (Intl)

Resiliency and Responsibility: Why Pursue a College Education in the Arts Now: Moderated by Joe Tilford, with Director Nicole Hodges Persely, Playwright and USC, Luis Alfaro, Amanda Spooner, SM Prof Ithaca College and Bway SM

Closing Session including the Ezekiel Awards (the electronic version)


$50 general admission for all three days credentials

$25 for OVS members with code

$250 University ticket bundle (10 student and one professor ticket)

$200 High School Saturday only Ticket Bundle (10 student ticket and one Teacher ticket – which can be extended to the entire conference).

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