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Call for Submissions- USITT Poster Sessions- Deadline 9/29

National Poster Sessions - Call for Abstracts Deadline for submissions is approaching Thursday, September 29th!

When you plan designs and construction techniques for productions, don’t forget about this opportunity to share innovations with peers. New solutions to old problems, a new problem and its solution, a classroom or management technique, the results of research, or other ideas, discoveries, or developments in your field are all welcomed areas of creative research. Topics for 2023 Poster Sessions:

  • Building Basics (rethinking core concepts or practices)

  • Material Movement (looking at materials and mediums in a unique or novel way)

  • Processed Processes (new or improved processes or protocols)

Poster presentations are widely accepted as meeting the requirements for scholarly publication. Those who work for an educational institution may be able to receive full or partial funding to attend the conference. All submissions will be blind juried by your peers in the Poster Selection Committee. Posters may be selected for presentation at the conference or for viewing online. Ideas need to be presented in the form of an abstract. In your abstract, please include:

  • Title of your poster

    • In 250 words or less, address the following questions:

    • How is this topic relevant to your specific area?

    • What do you imagine the content of the poster to be?

    • How does your poster advance the professional discussion of this topic?

    • How is your work an innovative solution to the identified problem, or how does it address a new problem?

Do not include your name or any personal identification on your abstract. This includes the file name for your abstract. This is a blind jury selection. You will be identifiable to poster administrators through the website submission process. The timeline is as follows:

  • Friday, May 29th Submission portal is open.

  • Thursday, September 29th Submission portal is closed.

  • October 3 - November 3 Abstracts are under peer review for selection.

  • Thursday, November 7th Applicants notified of acceptance or non-acceptance.

  • Thursday, December 8th First draft of poster due for editing process.

  • Monday, January 12th Edits and comments due back to presenters.

  • Thursday, February 3rd Final poster due to national office.

  • March 15-18, 2023 USITT’s Annual Conference and Stage Expo in St. Louis

Please see the Poster and Copyright Guidelines worksheet for more information on submission guidelines ."

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