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Sessions-a-Plenty at OVS Fall Conference

Updated: Oct 3, 2019


October 12th, Northern Kentucky University

BLINK Roebling Rendering

Featured Session

Behind The Scenes: Blink 2019 Rumble the Singing Bridge

Talk with the designers and technicians of Rumble the Roebling Sings. Deep dive into what it takes to pull off a project of this scale and how it came together. Take a behind the scenes look of how it went from an idea to reality. Have the opportunity to talk with the designers about how they approached the project and at the same time be able to see how the technical side all came together from 2D drawings to 3D to full Pre-visualization. Presented by Maria Finkelmeier of Masary Studios and Peter Martino of Vincent Lighting Systems


Kathleen DeVault: USITT OVS Section Chairperson/Ohio Northern University

What happened in Prague!! In June, the 14th Prague Quadrennial was held. It is the largest international exhibition and festival event dedicated to scenography, performance design and theatre architecture. Events are focused on;  design as performance, immersive theatre, and political happenings. Many theatres in Prague also plan performance during this time. I went to one that was 7 hours long which included, 3 traditional performances, a listening tour, drinks, dinner, and a hawk hunting prey: set in the backdrop of a new performing arts complex. Come to learn more about the event!


Karen Glass: Seton Hill University/Guild of Scenic Artists

Bamboo Basics Make your own bamboo extension to keep! During this session you learn to make a bamboo extension that is durable enough to last your whole career. (Mine are over 30 years old!) We will also discuss design and building of liners. Never used an extension? That's OK. I can teach you how.


Paul Sanow: Theatre Consultants Collaborative

Alternate Theatre Industry Careers Students pursuing a technical theatre degree are not limited to careers working in professional theatre or academia.  Talented technicians and designers are needed in affiliated industries, including equipment dealers, manufacturers, commercial scene shops, and theatre consulting.  All of these industries serve the entire entertainment industry, and need people who understand the art of theatre.  Learn about alternate career paths which may be of interest now or in the future.  This session will be lead by Paul Sanow, ASTC a Theatre Consultant, joined by a representative of Scenic Solutions to talk about commercial scene shops,  an employee of Vincent Lighting Systems to discuss their work as a lighting dealer and rental shop, as well as a former theatre lighting manufacturer sales manager.  All come from strong theatre backgrounds, and continue to serve the industry. Paul will lead a panel discussion.


Thomas Fiocchi: Ohio University

Creating Weapons for Stage and Cosplay

How to use found objects and foam to create convincing stage props and cosplay weapons.

Thomas Fiocchi: Ohio University

Green Practices On and Off Stage

A session on ways to incorporate the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle/Re-purpose mantra into your theater and greener material choices for a healthier shop and environment.

Anna Catton: ReSet/Northern Kentucky University

Melanie Mortimore: Miami University

Jewelry Beading Basics

An introduction to the tools, wire, findings and fasteners often used in making beaded jewelry, or repairing it.

Melanie Mortimore: Miami University

Building the Team

The team changes often as students graduate, technicians move on, and theatre company dynamics change. Join in a discussion of how to make the best of the transition.

Elynmarie Kazle: Stage Managers Association

Ronnie Chamberlain: Northern Kentucky University

The Wonder of Worbla

Worbla is an innovative thermoplastic that has changed Costume Crafts and Cosplay. Come learn about its properties, possibilities and build a simple bracer in this hands on session.

Ronnie Chamberlain: Northern Kentucky University

Effective Production Management

Effective production management can make or break a show. Come discuss the scope of the job and some effective strategies that can get you through that show, that season, that special event.

Elynmarie Kazle: USITT Production Managers Forum

Sabrina Hykes-Davis: California University of Pennsylvania

VectorWorks Viewports: From Concept to Construction

Explore the possibilities of VectorWorks Viewports for streamlining the design process. Learn how to create storyboards, paint elevations and shop drawings and discuss best practices for file management. Follow along with the provided files or with your own 3D objects. Bring your lap top if you have Vectorworks installed.

Sabrina Hykes-Davis: California University of Pennsylvania

Knot the Best Knot Show!

An introduction to basic knots commonly used in theatre production.

Curtis Mortimore: Miami University

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