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OVS 2021 Session Spotlight: Mental Health Resources for the Workplace

We all deal with stress everyday. But when you see stress becomes distress, what should you do? Where can you get help? How do you foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable asking for help? This session discusses how to foster a workplace where people can talk openly about mental health and some useful resources such as Mental Health First Aid.

Sabrina Hykes-Davis is primarily a Scenic Designer as well as a Technical Director but has worked in many areas of theatre. She holds an MFA from West Virginia University in Theatre Design and Technology, and a BA from Point Park University in the same. She is an has been an Assistant Professor at California Univeristy of Pennsylvania for 7 years. Recent projects include Star Shine! for the Jumping Jack Theatre in Pittsburgh PA, which creates sensory friendly, immersive theatre pieces for children on the spectrum and she frequently designs for South Park Theatre in South Park, PA. She will be joining the staff as the resident Technical Director for their 2022 Season. She also serves as an instructor and designer for the Mon Valley Performing Arts Academy.

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