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OVS 2021 Session Spotlight: A Little Bit of What YOU Need to Know About OSHA and COVID-19

Struggling to navigate the constantly-changing official guidance and protect yourself and others you work with from COVID-19? Dave Glowacki will share the latest information from OSHA, the CDC, USITT, ESA, and other acronymic resources that can help you do so safely. Join us and learn how to reopen a safe and healthy workplace!

David Glowacki has professional experience as an administrator, manager, designer, technician, and performer and has worked in presenting, producing, touring, and educational environments. He served USITT as the Safety & Health Commissioner from 2011-2017, and is currently serving as the USITT Representative to the OSHA Alliance Program, as co-chair of the USITT Reopening Working Group, as the Associate Editor of Safety & Health for TD&T, and serves the USITT-Ohio Valley Section as the Safety Training Coordinator. Dave is a regular presenter at USITT National and Regional events and is an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer.

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