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Ezekiel Award Exhibit: Virtual Format for 2020

This year the Ezekiels will be held virtually at the National Collaborators Conference, October 9 - 11. Deadline for nomination and entry form is September 28. Deadline for entries to be received is September 29. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!. WE MUST HAVE YOUR ENTRIES BY September 29.

Once your entry form is received, you will receive a link to a drop box to upload your high resolution PNG images. Please put images in the order that each exhibitor wants their information to be viewed. You may upload between one to three - 18"x24" images per exhibit. (PowerPoint is recommend.)

Because of the Pandemic the Ezekiel Award submissions are open to any production produced or conceived between May 2019 and August 2020. As always, you may enter an unproduced work since many of us had shows that did not open. If you enter an unopened show this year, you may not enter it next year if it is produced.

You must sign up for the Fall Conference to be able to enter the Ezekiel Exhibit.

For complete Ezekiel Exhibit Information:

Please email Kathe at with any questions.



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