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Call for Nominations of the 2021-2022 Ohio Valley Executive Board

Call for Nominations to the Ohio Valley Section Board

Ohio Valley USITT is currently seeking nominations for the following positions to the 2021-2022 Board. We are seeking interested parties to self-nominate or nominate a colleague for any of the following positions Secretary, Vice Chair of Communications, Vice Chair of Special Programming and (TWO) At-large Board Members. All positions are a 3-year term and all nominations are welcome.

If you are interested in serving on the board, please send your nomination, 250 word bio and headshot information to Ronnie Chamberlain before 06/10/2021.

Please email a 250-word bio and headshot which should include why you wish to be on the board and what do you hope to accomplish by being on the board.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to email me.

Board Positions and Descriptions of Duties

Responsibilities of the Secretary:

a. The Secretary shall be responsible for the Section roster of members.

b. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings.

c. The Secretary shall have charge of the minute books of the Section and shall also perform other duties as may be assigned by the bylaws or the Board of Directors.

d. The Secretary shall maintain the section bylaws and the USITT-OVS Handbook.

e. The Secretary shall communicate the status of each Board Member at the start of each fiscal year and at the beginning of the nomination process to the Membership of the Organization.

f. Additional responsibilities as listed in the USITT-OVS Handbook

Responsibilities of the Vice Chair of Communications (VC-Communications):

a. The VC-Communications shall coordinate all required communication from the Board to the

Membership as well as all communication within the Membership about Section activities.

b. The VC-Communications shall ensure continuity of information made available by the Section to membership or other groups via direct mail, electronic mail, and social media.

c. The VC-Communications shall be primarily responsible for the communication about any Section activities working in collaboration with the VC-Programming, VC-Operations, and VC-Special Projects

d. The VC-Communications shall be responsible for sharing news and information about the Section throughout the Section’s geographic area.

e. The VC-Communications shall be responsible for timely submissions to the USITT National office and publications including SIGHTLINES.

f. The VC-Communications shall be responsible for approving any use of the Section logo, or the name USITT- OVS by the Section or by the individual members for the purposes of promoting activities or information of the Section.

g. Any additional responsibilities as listed in the USITT-OVS Handbook

Responsibilities of the Vice Chair of Special Projects (VC-Special Projects):

a. The VC- Special Projects Plan, execute, and complete any projects selected by the Board and delegated to them.

b. Any additional responsibilities as listed in the USITT-OVS Handbook

Responsibilities of AT-LARGE MEMBERS of the Executive Committee:

There shall be six (6) At-Large Members who enjoy the full rights and privileges of Board Membership. At-Large Members assist the Vice Commissioners with their work and the projects of the Board in general. At-Large Members are encouraged to be active in the Section committees by serving as the Administrative Assistant of one or more committee to facilitate governance and communication between the committees and the Board as well as complete any additional duties as assigned in the current Handbook.

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