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Call for nominations!

The following board positions are up for election this year:

Board Chair

  • The chair shall preside at meetings and shall take general charge of the activities of the Section.

  • Chair shall be responsible for periodic reports to the Board of Directors of USITT as stipulated in USITT bylaws.

  • Additional responsibilities as listed in the USITT-OVS Handbook.

Vice Chair of Programming

  • Plan, coordinate, and oversee the execution of Organization events related to the Organization’s annual Fall Conference.

  • Coordinate the work of the host site staff in the set-up and display of the Ezekiel Exhibit at conferences. The VC/Programming will coordinate the local host volunteers and the VC/Operations to set up and strike the exhibit materials

  • Additional responsibilities as listed in the USITT-OVS Handbook

3 Members At Large

There shall be 6 At-Large Members who enjoy the full rights and privileges of Board Membership. At-Large Members assist the Vice Chairs with their work and the projects of the Board in general. At-Large Members are encouraged to be active in the Section committees by serving as the Administrative Assistant of one or more committees to facilitate governance and communication between the committees and the Board as well as complete any additional duties as assigned in the current handbook.

Nominations should be sent to by 6.21.22.

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