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2020 Board Election Results

First off thank you to the following for your years of service on the Board!

Paul Sanow for being a board member for at least the last six years and maybe longer. When we had to rewrite our by-laws and section handbook he is was instrumental getting that complete. We could not have done it without (or at least it would have been much, much more difficult)

Melanie Mortimore who has been our VP of programming for at least the past four years and I know she helped on many a conference before that. Thank you so much for all your help in planning the massive under taking that the fall conference can be. It can be a beast but you always worked with a smile on your face.  

Congratulations to our new board members:

Caila Yates from the Seton Hill

Sabrina Hykes-Davis from CALU

John Seaman re-elected to  Treasurer

Ronnie Chamberlain re-elected to vice chair operations

and Sarah Russell  will be filling the opening in vice chair of programming

Submitted by Kathleen DeVault: a.k.a Fearless Leader

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