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2019 Ezekiel Awards and Tour Announced

On October 12th, during the Fall conference at Northern Kentucky University, Ezekiel entries were assessed and awards given.

Awards for Outstanding Achievement, the highest category, were earned by the following entrants:

  • Bianca Binneman

  • Grace Bunt

  • Margaret Caster

  • Ronnie Chamberlain

  • Ken Clothier

  • Kathleen DeVault

  • Nick Gardin

  • Karen Glass

  • Jeremiah Kearns

  • Sara Keller

  • Ariel Lacey (both entries)

  • Sydney Lokant

  • Rebekah Pribe

Awards of Distinction were earned by the following entrants:

  • Griffin Allen

  • Mary Atchley

  • Kathleen Gardin

  • Kayla Higbee

  • Phoebe Hill

  • Cassidy Huscher

  • Michael McMahen

  • Kenneth Rainey

  • Islay Reed

  • Sierra Shreves

  • Kiara Wilson

Top Student Entries receiving Nation Conference registration fee waivers:

  • Nick Gardin Ohio University

  • Ariel Lacey Ohio University

  • Sydney Lokant Ohio University

The Board's Choice Winners form the Ezekiel Exhibit and will tour the section. Board's Choice includes the the Top Student Entries as well as these additional selections:

  • Grace Bunt Ohio University/Athens

  • Margaret Caster Berkshire Theatre Festival

  • Ronnie Chamberlain Northern Kentuky University

  • Ken Clothier Seton Hill University

  • Kathleen DeVault Ohio Northern University

  • Karen Glass Seton Hill University

  • Jeremiah Kearns Northern Kentucky University

  • Rebekah Pribe Cedarville University

The Ezekiel Exhibit Tour Schedule

The 2019 exhibit is scheduled to appear at Northern Kentucky University, Ohio Northern University, California University of Pennsylvania, and Seton Hill University. It will also be displayed at the National Conference in Houston as a part of the Design Expo, April 1-4 2020. Please contact Kathleen DeVault for additional information about viewing the exhibit or booking it for your facility.

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