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Fall 2012 Event Schedule

Schedule of Events

Registration & Continental Breakfast

9-9:25 AM – Lobby

Welcome 9:30-9:40 AM - Stump Theatre

Session #1- 9:45 to 11 AM

What Can You Do with Your Design & Tech Degree? (Karen Glass) - Smart room 1

Rigging Math Part 1 (Eric Rouse) - Smart room 2

This session will focus on rigging math, and using it to figure out forces in typical rigging situations. We will explore methods of figuring out tensions on dead hangs and bridles and we will cover several rules of thumb that help make safe decisions in the field. This is an excellent session for those considering ETCP certification. Everyone should please bring a calculator with them to this session.

Mega Production Inside/Out 2 (Elynmarie Kazle & Mark A. Zimmerman) - Smart room 4

Tricks and Tips for the MEGA PRODUCTION on a budget. Legally Blonde, how did they do the mirror trick? The Hairspray Can, how did they build that? Other tricks and tips needed when you or your directors pick that impossible production. From Sweeney Todd and Evita to the Producers, Hairspray and Legally Blonde, Elynmarie Kazle and Mark A. Zimmerman have either individually or in collaboration worked on some of the most complicated productions in recent times in a high school , small theatre and community settings. Working with community volunteers and limited budgets they have successfully mounted productions using their versions of the tricks of Broadway. The importance of set dressing, simplicity and economical use of items already on hand is stressed in this set/prop/dressing workshop.

Stress-free Distressing Fabric, Props and Costumes (Stacey Galloway) - Costume Shop Lab

This hands-on workshop will explore techniques for distressing costumes and props. A variety of materials and methods will be discussed and demonstrated with active participation of attendees.

Augmented Performance: Hamlet Meets Virtual Ghost (Stephen Zapytowski) - Smart room 5

Explore a production of Hamlet blending real and virtual performers. in a complex fusion of art, sound, music, animation, video servers and projectors with a grandma thrown in for show control. Production involved over 500 video and 700 sound cues controlled by five computers.

Digital Audio Systems Part 1 (Ray Kent) Conference Room

Learn more about digital audio networks including Aviom, Q-Sys, and Biamp, along with digital consoles Presonus and iLive and do a demo of Q-Lab.

Session #2- 11:15 to 12:30 PM

Rigging Math Part 2 (Eric Rouse) - Smart room 1

Digital Reproductions of Antique Textiles (Kevin Wolfgang) - Smart room 3

This session will discuss the opportunities that digital textile printing has opened up to reproduce antique textiles. We plan to demonstrate the process of preparing a textile image for printing, show some practical examples of reprinted antique textiles, and start a discussion of the possibilities for the technology directly related to the theatre industry.

All LED Theatre, Myth or Reality? (Vincent Lighting) -Light Lab

A discussion, demonstration and comparison of new LED sources vs. existing tungsten sources typically used in a live theatre environment, and the differences in over-all system design and implementation.

Digital Audio Systems Part 2 (Ray Kent) –Conference Room

Lunch on Your Own 12:30 to 1:45 PM

(Ezekiel Exhibit viewing)

Session #3- 1:45-3:00 PM   (Ezekiel Exhibit viewing)

Digital Portfolio for Theatre Designers: how you start and what computer programs you use -Smart room 1

Most theatre designers and artists have their own Hard Copy Portfolio which outlines one’s experience and demonstrates one’s skills and abilities; however, it may be viewed by some prospective employers as cumbersome and passé. Digital Portfolios, on the other hand, bring new impact to a theatre artist’s work, and this electronic format enables one to share information, experience, and creativity in ways Hard Copy Portfolios could not. Digital Portfolios are easy to navigate, and this interactive media experience is more appealing and convenient for the reviewer. So, in this session, we will talk about different kinds of digital portfolios and what kinds of computer programs have been using to make digital portfolio.

Theatre Research Institute (Jeff Gress) - Smart rm 2

Best Practices Teaching & Learning Computer Software (Raynette Halvorsen Smith, Jakyung Seo, Stephen Zapytowski) - Smart room 3

A presentation and discussion of the special challenges of teaching, learning, and integrating computer software into design and technology courses.

Color in an LED World (Vincent Lighting) - Light Lab

A hands on color mixing, color temperature, additive vs subtractive session, including use of existing choices and new approaches.

Tour of Facility - 3:15 to 4:30PM from Lobby

Membership meeting - 4:35 to 5:30PM in Stump Theatre

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