USITT National Conference Scholarship for Students



Ft. Lauderdale, FL - March 14 - 18, 2018


*Stay Tuned for Scholarship Opportunities for the 2018 USITT Annual Conference*


Who is eligible?

Students wishing to apply for the USITT/Ohio Valley Section (OVS) award must be a registered undergraduate or graduate student in good standing (G.P.A. 3.0 or better) in an institution whose members are active in the Ohio Valley Section of USITT.  The student's faculty sponsor must be a current member of USITT National and the OVS.

What is the award?

The number and the amount of the awards vary each year depending on available funds.  This year there will be at least two awards of $750.  Award recipients also receive a one-year student membership to the Ohio Valley Section. Applicants who are already members will have their student membership extended for one year. The awards are paid with the intention that the student will use the conference as an educational opportunity to further career goals. Additionally, recipients will have the option of accepting an internship* with Future Light Inc. for the duration of the conference.  The internship includes a full-conference pass.  If a scholarship recipient declines the internship, the internship will be offered to the next student in the ranking.  

*Internship duties and responsibilities will extend from load-in of the Expo to Load-out and include some daily time on the Expo floor.  Specifics will be discussed prior to acceptance of the optional internship.

  • Obligations of Recipients:
    • Students granted  the award and/or internship agree to act as social media correspondents of the section for the duration of the conference. The content created will be shared with the membership of both the section and national. The content will highlight specific presentations or activities during the conference, and the student benefits of the activity. Social media assignments will be specified and coordinated by the VC of Communications.
    • Award and internship recipients must attend the OVS meeting during the conference.  
    • Award recipients will need to fill out a W9 form for the section treasurer before funds can be disbursed. If they submit receipts to the section treasurer, no subsequent tax declarations need to be made. Otherwise, disbursements, for which there are no receipts, in excess of federal limits are subject to taxes. The receipts are due no later than two weeks after the close of the conference.

    Application Requirements:

    The application deadline is Friday January 12, 2018. Each applicant must submit via email:

      • Application form with cover letter
      • Current resume
      • Faculty sponsor letter of recommendation (sent separately by sponsor)
      • Unofficial transcript
      • Three sample projects with descriptions.  
        • Work samples may be an assortment of artwork and photos; they may be class and/or realized work.  Recommended file format for all photos is JPEG 72dpi.
        • A selection of prompt book pages or general organizational papers (i.e. rehearsal reports, performance reports, fitting schedules, tracking sheets for properties, production schedules) should be included for production, wardrobe, prop and stage managers. Organizational paperwork could be included for designers and technicians as well.  Please do not send more than 10 total pages of paperwork.
        • Sound designers may submit brief composed or mastered recordings as part of their application.  Please use .wav format.
  • All work MUST include descriptions
  • Please assemble your application into a single PDF (.wav files excepted)


  • Review Process:Applications will be reviewed by a panel appointed by the chair of the award committee from the OVS membership at large.  Panel members will be from diverse backgrounds and organizations; no panel member will be a student sponsor.  The review committee will select recipients no later than Friday January 26th. Notification will be sent immediately.Please direct applications, sponsor letters and questions to:Scholarship Committee Chair: Ken Clothier M.F.A.

Seton Hill UniversityDepartment of Theatre and Dance

1 Seton Hill Dr.Greensburg, PA  




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