Ezekiel Awards & Design Expo

The Awards and Design Exhibit

The Peggy Ezekiel Awards were created in 1985 as a way to recognize and to celebrate the amazing quality of the work being done by members of the OVS throughout the region.  The awards are presented each fall during the OVS conference and include all areas of theatrical design and technical production.

The ten submissions selected as the Board’s Choice become the Peggy Ezekiel Exhibit and are displayed at the National Conference and Stage Expo as a way to share the work of the regional with USITT members from across the country.


The Peggy Ezekiel Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in Design and Technology for any produced work by a USITT/Ohio Valley Section member or for any produced work by a non-member for a production within the USITT/Ohio Valley Section. As a privilege of Section Membership, each USITT/Ohio Valley member is entitled to nominate for an award any produced work done by a USITT/Ohio Valley member, including him/herself and/or any produced work within the USITT/Ohio Valley Section done by a non-member. Each member may nominate any number of persons for any number of awards.

Categories of Awards

  • Architecture
  • Costume Design
  • Costume Technology
  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Technology
  • Makeup/Wigs Design
  • Makeup/Wigs Technology
  • Scenic Craft (carpentry, property, or painting)
  • Scenic Design
  • Sound/Sound System Design
  • Technical Direction/Engineering
  • USITT/Ohio Valley Career Service Award

Each of these categories are divided into five sections: Academic (non-student), Community, Professional, Student/Undergraduate and Student/Graduate. (Work categorized as student is only for productions in an academic setting.)

The Process

It is important to note that the intent of the Peggy Ezekiel Award is to be a recognition of outstanding achievement for work produced at all levels. It is an honor to have your work nominated for a Peggy Ezekiel Award. The Awards Committee evaluates each entry on its own merit and not against other work submitted.

Awards and Recognition

  • Award of Outstanding Achievement is work adjudicated to be excellent, outstanding in every respect receiving the highest recognition
  • Award of Distinction is work adjudicated to be of very good, highly deserving of recognition.  
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of awards presented at each level.
  • The Board's Choice Award will be awarded to the top ten entries as determined by the Board members in attendance at the Fall Conference.  Unlike the Award of Outstanding Achievement and Award of Distinction, this is a competition.  Only the top ten submissions will be sent, at OVS expense, to the National Conference and Stage Expo.  In addition, the top three student submissions will be awarded a complimentary pass to the conference by USITT National.

Who was Peggy Ezekiel?

Who was Peggy Ezekiel and why is the exhibit named in her honor? Peggy S. Ezekiel was one of the four original founders of USITT/Ohio (originally the Cleveland Section and now the USITT/Ohio Valley Section). Peggy, an active member a the national level, believed that there was a need for a more localized chapter of …

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Ezekiel Award Submission Information

The 2018 Peggy Ezekiel Awards & Design Expo will be held at the OVS Fall Conference on November 10 at California University of PA.  Deadline for nomination and entry form for the 2018 Fall Conference is November 2, 2018. After this date, please email Kathe DeVault to see if space is still available. All panels must be …

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