General Interest Links: Ohio Theatre Alliance. Sporting a new website, this organization keeps you up to date on what is happening around the state of Ohio in acting and production work. theatre - what's going on and what makes it tick - by an industry insider. Theatre Books at MacGrafx is a site for anyone interested in theatre, with a huge selection of theatre books, play catalogs, production techniques, staging, dance, costumes for amateur and professional thespians
The Stage Technician's Page: Oriented primarily towards people who are interested in the technical aspects of theatre, but have very little experience.The site covers topics on lighting, sound, special effects, and even features a listing of stage jargon translated. United Scenic Artists:Represents
designers and scenic artists nationwide. of Theatre Terms: A collection of over 800 words and terms of 'theatre speak'! is a non-profit trade association representing the North American entertainment technology industry. Our members include dealers, manufacturers, reps, service and production companies, scenic houses, designers and consultants. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and finest art museums in the world. This site is designed to give visitors an overview of the collections on display in the Museum's galleries. Smithsonian Institution, a large site with many links to a variety of sites including museums, Arts & Crafts, textiles, archaeology, history, and world cultures.

Safety The International Secondary Education Theatre Safety Association, dedicated to eliminating hazardous exposures and imminent dangers with fully integrated risk management and loss prevention programs.  A great resource book with practical health and safety guidlines for all school theatre progams. Written by Dr. Randall W. A. Davidson, a leading expert with more than 40 years of experience worldwide.

Costumes/Makeup Hundreds of links to
information and research from ancient costumes to modern day For all designers-new archival cds on costume
history and ornamentation Costume Site - online costuming
resource guide Premier Designs - historic clothing from
Victorian to 1930's Hamilton Dry Goods - historically correct fabrics, clothing and boots for the Civil War era created costumes - some very nice; some very overpriced. Brigade - Native American leather clothing and western wear. Clothing and accessories. Good quality; reasonable prices. The Hat Barn - men's hats. Store - Military uniforms. uniforms, supplies, surplus. Hitchcock Wide Shoes for men of Wigs - natural hair and synthetic wigs Wigsite - excellent selection of wig styles and colors makeup Importers of South and Central American fabrics. Beautiful. Harper House - vintage patterns Patterns Company online men's and women's patterns from the Georgian periods. catalogs for sewing and crafts Bernina site is chock full of information. Make-up artists - Independent promotional platform for new and professional make-up artists.  Carries many student and professional theatrical makeup kits as well as special effects makeup.

Scenery & Props theatrical and stage draperies and production
supplies for theater, film, display, events and television. Design & Construction Of Scenery, Props, &
Effects brackets, cornice, medallions, etc. World Stone Carving - fireplaces, furniture, sculpture, fountains, and more. Scenepaint, effects, filters, hardware, dancefloors. of flame-retarding products, waterborne lacquers, and faux finishes. specialty paint store catering to the motion picture industry, television, scenic and set companies, and faux finishers, as well as the general public. Sky Drops, Inc.:Custom & scenic backdrops, skies, mottled, landscapes; all sizes up to 110' long. Eclectic Arts & Technology Services (EATS): Set
designs and props from scenic painting to welding for the theater and movies. Online architectural slide library with search
features by period and building type. Excellent for styles research. Historic Architecture: Educational tour of architectural styles. Architecture:Site
contains some of the most interesting and unusual examples of Islamic
architectural styles ranging from the 11th century to the 19th. of stage rigging and draperies. gallery a collection of mind boggling designs by Escher

Lighting/Special Effects Sales & rental of stage lighting, serving Ohio/Pennsylvania Future Light Theatre Effects:Manufacturer and distributor of special effects for the entertainment industry. lights and control Lighting Rental, Theatre
Lighting Rental Stage Equipment and Lighting, Inc. worldwide distributors of theatrical lighting ans special effects equipment the needs of the entertainment industry with lighting, sound, staging and more. of theatrical, architectural, and industrial lighting and controls providers of pro audio, stage lighting, lasers, effects and more. of pro audio, stage lighting, lasers, effects and more. manufactures lighting including Photometrics for parcans, ellipsoidals, fresnels, followspots, blacklights, and Shakespeares. manufacturer of followspots for arena, theater, stadium, school and performance space applications. effect products used around the globe and special effects. Manufacturers of high-performance spotlights and motion picture projection lightsources. Brendan's Page for Lighting Designers! WA Academy's Lighting Links - Sponsored by The Kilowatt Co Lighting Links

Computer Graphics/3D Modelling
a thorough explanation of the .jpg file format and how it is best used. Clip Art, Graphics Clip Art, Graphics and 3D cafe: 3D models for free and to purchase as well as tutorials. 3D Computer modelling software/tutorials

Art Supplies Dick Blick - art supplies. 60,000 art supply products online and in stock art products online.

Other Organizations of Interest: SASO ITVA

Computers Computer/internet information United Index of Used Computer Prices magazine online Software for the Theatre

Music MIDI Archives

Search Engines Excellent free searching software (free download): searches the web using multiple search engines at once AltaVista Search: Main Page Search Yahoo Arts & Humanities Lycos: Your Personal Internet Guide WebCrawler Searching Search Zamboni's Search Engines

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